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The polyurea solution bonds to the concrete and is stronger and more flexible than epoxy. The base coat finds to open pours in the concrete and adheres deep into the concrete becoming a permanent part of the floor. Combine that with the chip solution and clear coat technology, makes Atlas Concrete Coatings the best solution for your floor.
The flooring system comes with a 15 year warranty on residential floors, so you won’t ever have to worry about the long term quality of the floor.
There are 5 major benefits of using a polyurea floor. Durability, Safety, Style, Convenience, and Coverage. Unlike epoxy floors our solution uses a material that is 4 times strong and more flexible. Our chip solution will provides a slip resistant texture along with extra grip.
Anywhere! Customers ranging from residential, commercial, industrial and retail can all enjoy the benefits of a polyurea flooring system. Residential customers have installed this in garages, on decks and patios and even around your pool or walkway. Commercial, Industrial and Retail customers benefit the durability and low maintenance the polyurea floor provides
A team of certified professionals who have completed training our product dealer Penntek. Our team is experienced and meticulous with our process. Not only does our team properly install the flooring, we also ensure complete customer satisfaction.
Most customers ensure that there is nothing on the garage floor, but our team can remove anything that would be in the way.
Typically the process will take 24 hours from start to finish. Depending on the size of the area, our team can not only prep the floor for proper adhesion, we can also install the chip system within the same day, so that you can enjoy your new floor within 24 hours.
Pricing is determined by sq ft. The cost does not only include the installation, but also preparation and materials.
DYI floors tend to be water based solutions and do not have the technology behind the solution. Most DYI Solutions will last for a few years , but will not be as durable and reliable as a polyurea flooring solution. Our solution comes with a 15 year warranty and is the only product on the market that will provide you with a long-term quality floor.
There are several reasons Polyurea is better than epoxy. The main reason customers choose our solution over epoxy is, durability/flexibility. When it comes to commercial/industrial space you will find our solution outlasts anything else on the market. For residential users the flexibility really stands out. Polyurea can not only be used indoors but it is also UV protected for decks, patios and walkways. To top it all off, the installation and cure time 70 times faster and lasts longer.

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