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Your concrete flooring takes a beating every day. Even in casual environments like a home garage, frequent vehicle forces, oil, pet paws, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures all contribute to the premature breakdown of your concrete surfaces. Instead of dealing with frequent crack repairs and unsightly damage, our professional-grade floor coatings solve all of these problems and more.

Which Areas Can You Upgrade With Our Epoxy Flooring Alternative?

With our team of professionals, our like-epoxy flooring company can enhance virtually any interior and exterior concrete flooring you need assistance with. With our popular custom garage flooring upgrades, beneficial chip and metallic blends provide a balanced coating that is great for both visual appeal and safer foot traction. For commercial applications, our like-epoxy flooring company has successfully upgraded production facilities, automotive workshops, storage warehouses, kennels, and many other industrial spaces that are looking for a safer surface type that can keep up with the daily demands of harsh workplace conditions. 

Our added traction blends are also useful for other outdoor areas like walkways, poolside decking, and even the patio itself. Any concrete surface that can become slippery or is exposed to the elements will benefit from our residential epoxy flooring alternative. Even after prolonged summer, harsh winter, and constant weathering, our tougher, like-epoxy floor coatings retain their original strength and reliability for the life of your surfaces.

Why Install Floor Coating?

As one of the most cost-effective solutions for concrete surfaces inside and out, our advanced floor coatings may just be the smartest property improvement you ever make. After applying our better-than-epoxy flooring blends to your garage flooring, patio, walkways, or commercial spaces in New Hope, PA, your new and improved surfaces will be: 

  • Moisture & mildew resistant
  • Crack & impact resistant
  • Safer with added traction chips
  • Easier to clean & maintain
  • Protected from UV damage, chemicals, & more

We Provide a Flooring Similar to Epoxy Called Polyurea

All of these worthwhile benefits are the result of brilliant chemical engineering. Unlike the rigid, thermoset polymer called epoxy that can peel, bubble, and become discolored, our like-epoxy flooring called polyurea is designed to maintain its stability, color, and defensive properties for a lifetime.

Other worthwhile polyurea benefits include:

  • It Is More Flexible: Polyurea adapts to surface abrasion, concrete movement, and impact forces without losing its stability.
  • It Is More Environmentally Friendly:Polyurea’s production and application process doesn’t involve the harsh compounds and volatile emissions found in other resin options, resulting in a safer surface coating option for your property and the planet.
  • It Is A Less Disruptive Installation Process: Our responsive commercial and garage flooring services involve the shortest curing periods in the coating industry. Just 24 hours after we have coated your patio, pool deck, walkways, or garage, you can safely drive on and enjoy improved traction and protection for years to come.

Discuss the Best Coating Options With Our Pros in New Hope, PA

As your all-in-one resource for the newest polyurea garage flooring options on the market, our goal is to accommodate your project. If this is your first time investing in polyurea garage flooring in Richboro, PA, or New Hope, we’re happy to help you compare our best options side-by-side. If you already have a specific floor coating in mind, discover our better pricing with a free estimate whenever it’s convenient for you.

Have questions about our better product warranties, and service locations, or want to learn more about our reliable garage floor coatings in New Hope? Our fast and friendly team offers flexible scheduling, transparent pricing, and more ways to build lasting value into every concrete surface you’re hoping to protect and preserve.

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