Floor Coatings in Phoenixville, PA

Floor Coating is Great for Garages, Basements, Pool Decks, & More

Scratches, stains, and several common concrete issues are prevented with polyurea floor coatings! Our built-to-last flooring solutions can be installed quickly, cost less in the long run, and are among the most versatile upgrades to consider for benefits like workplace safety, ease of maintenance, and so much more. 

If you love the look of traditional epoxy flooring, you’ll appreciate the reflective and high-contrast variety our like-epoxy floor coatings have to offer. And, unlike epoxy flooring that only lasts around 2-5 years, our superior polyurea coatings can maintain their reliable surface integrity, color, and non-slip finish for life.

Top Benefits of Our Garage Floor Coatings:

  • Durable 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Polished look 
  • Slip-resistant 
  • & More


You Can Choose From Several Custom Garage Flooring Designs Like: 

  • Metallic coatings for innovative style & interior brightness
  • Rugged chip blends for added impact resistance & granite-like appeal
  • Classic single-color coatings for affordable protection that lasts
  • & More options to create a personalized finish for your interior & exterior surfaces

Atlas Concrete Coatings is the Top Floor Coatings Installer in Phoenixville, PA

When you contact our pros, expect project simplicity from start to finish. We are masters of the floor coating trade and specialize in providing turn-key improvements that are visibly flawless. With our organized design and installation processes, your commercial or residential epoxy flooring alternative comes with: 

  • Flexible service times
  • Honest product comparisons
  • Quality-controlled installation precision
  • The strongest selection of coatings from our trusted partners at Penntek

No matter the deadline or scale of your concrete coating needs, we are well-equipped to support your project goals. Even if you need multiple coatings applied across various locations, we quickly adapt our professional capabilities to minimize installation times and business disruptions. Alongside every upgrade, you can also expect our courteous crew to provide exceptionally clean, meticulous, and respectful care. The result? Your finished surfaces are smoother, evenly applied, and ready to handle the toughest of workplace or garage surface demands.

Atlas Concrete Coatings is the Top Floor Coatings Installer in Phoenixville, PA

Phoenixville team will work hard to honor your budget, aesthetic preferences, and every other unique request you may have. We also prioritize clear client education; if you ever have any questions about our products or the long-term benefits of polyurea garage flooring in Royersford, PA, our advice and recommendations revolve around factual product information.

We Provide Epoxy Like Flooring Services for Residential & Commercial Customers

For residential upgrades, our popular epoxy flooring alternatives are preferred for garages, basements, patios, and pool decks. Since our like-epoxy flooring company has a variety of UV-stable products, our outdoor coating solutions are never at risk of color issues or premature material breakdown. 

Using the same application methods for our popular garage floor enhancements, our commercial epoxy flooring alternatives were designed for industrial applications. In harmony with polyurea’s incredible chemical, abrasion, and heat-resistant properties, it also involves zero dangerous emissions or harmful contaminants. Polyurea is so safe that is commonly used in dog kennels, food production facilities, and other commercial applications like kitchens and retail spaces where client, staff, and food safety is a priority.

Garage flooring in Phoenixville, PA

For a complimentary estimate and a greater selection of budget-friendly coating options for your home or business, contact our pros at Atlas for the fastest service in Phoenixville, PA today.

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