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The reliability of concrete flooring becomes even tougher when coated professionally! Designed for residential needs and extreme commercial conditions alike, our like-epoxy floor coating can prolong your surfaces, optimize your traction, and maintain a timeless finish for the life of your valuable surfaces. 

When comparing the best options to preserve or enhance your garage floor, pool deck, or workspace, the right decision often comes down to price versus value. At Atlas Concrete Coatings, we maximize this value with floor coating solutions that are proven to outlast other paint and epoxy flooring options. Unlike your average epoxy flooring that may begin to fail within a few years or even months if exposed to harsh conditions, our polyurea garage flooring is the answer to many of the problems that come with outdated coating options.

Upgrade Your Garage Flooring

Even if you have old epoxy flooring or damaged concrete, our all-inclusive services simplify floor preparation, installation, and every other detail involved in your improvement project. For information about our trusted product line, and service areas, or a free project quote in Langhorne, please let us know what we can do to help!

Why Choose Polyurea Flooring for Your Garage, Pool Decking, or Commercial Floor Coating?

  • Attractive appearance
  • Fast installation time
  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable
  • & More

We Install Epoxy Like Garage & Basement Flooring

With our tougher like-epoxy flooring services in Langhorne, our designed-to-last products are a wonderful option because:

  • Our Epoxy Floor Coating Alternative Cures Faster And Is UV Stable: This results in the same bright, smooth, and glossy finish, without the risks of yellowing or fading that are common with lower-quality concrete coatings.
  • Our Custom Garage Flooring Solutions Can Be Tailored To Suit Your Style: Looking for calming colors, a brighter space, or a rugged chip blend to complement your workshop’s modern theme? We’ve got you covered with more ways to personalize your concrete coatings at Atlas in Langhorne.
  • Our Advanced Floor Coatings Equal Long-Term Savings: While a weaker epoxy flooring resin may cost less initially, the need to resurface your epoxy flooring every 2-5 years quickly offsets any initial savings. With a one-time investment in our commercial epoxy flooring alternatives in Langhorne, count on a stronger surface performance that can withstand heavy-duty vehicles, high-heat equipment, and constant traffic without faltering for the life of your surfaces.

Before considering another coating option, get in touch with our pros and ask about the many ways we support our customers and their updated flooring. We offer incredible warranties on our service and products and confidently stand behind these perks because the durability, longevity, and consistency of our coatings are unrivaled.

Our Floor Coatings Will Improve the Look & Feel of Your Floors

If you’re still on the fence about which floor coating is right for your space, consider your main project priorities, and our team will help you decide if our floor coatings can meet those needs. For instance, if optimizing workplace safety is your key goal, you’ll find that our cost-effective chip blends provide superior foot stability and surface traction without limiting wheel movement or equipment mobility. 

If the improved surface defense is your main objective, there’s no better garage flooring solution on the market. Polyurea is capable of withstanding a broader range of chemical, heat, abrasion, and impact forces without faltering. For a detailed breakdown of polyurea’s exact performance benefits, get in touch with our like-epoxy flooring company and we’ll walk you through the specifics. 

With many of our commercial and residential epoxy flooring projects, uplifting the aesthetic is the key priority. Our multipurpose blends can help to improve the brightness within your space, highlight a specific theme, and are a great option if you need water, stain, and chemical-proof solution to optimize the surfaces around your pool, patio, or workshop. 

For a glimpse at the many energizing directions, we can go, take a look at our sample projects then imagine the endless possibilities for your garage flooring in Levittown, PA

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