Polyurea Floor Coating

Enhance Surface Traction & Durability With Our Multipurpose Polyurea Flooring Systems

With fast-paced facility operations and heavy-duty equipment on the move, you need a flooring solution that can keep pace with your demanding operations. Optimized flooring that can withstand spills, impacts, and constant traffic is a worthwhile renovation that can provide functional benefits, safer workplace conditions, and reduced long-term flooring expenses. Whether your concrete flooring is unprotected, slippery, or has become an eyesore that poorly represents your brand, our polyurea floor systems are the simple and cost-effective solution to all of the above. 

The appearance and utility of your flooring directly influence client impressions, business relations, and the performance of your daily operations. At Atlas, our designed-to-last polyurea blends introduce both strength and customized style into every surface we coat. Our popular products can be infused with traction-boosting finishes, and reflective gloss for enhanced brightness, and are tough enough to withstand chemicals, moisture, and several other forces that would damage your concrete if left unprotected.


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Our Floor Coating Systems Are Designed With Safety in Mind

Our innovative polyurea formulas are incredibly flexible, strong, and installed in less time. Since our reliable blends can withstand more heat, friction, and even elemental forces like UV exposure without weakening, our protective coatings have limitless application potential. 

Other reasons to choose our polyurea blends to include: 

  • 24-hour curing times reduce home/business downtime
  • Non-toxic, low-odor installations are safe and environmentally friendly
  • Surface protection that lasts ~3-4x longer than your average epoxy flooring
  • Weatherproof & UV stable for indoor & outdoor applications
  • Multiple non-slip textures available for safer work, pool deck, or garage needs
  • Consistent color and gloss remain for the life of the coating
  • Stain and scratch-resistant properties are great for pets, kids, and busy work environments


Upgrade Any Space With Our Trusted Coating Solutions

Sourced exclusively from our industry-leading partners at Penntek, our tougher flooring solutions are a reliable alternative for private residential upgrades and expansive commercial projects alike. After comparing the best coating options for your space, our experienced professionals can help you protect and enhance your:

  • Storage Areas & Showrooms
  • Production & Research Facilities
  • Commercial Kitchens & Prep Areas
  • Garages & Basements
  • Patios & Pool Decks
  • Walkways & Driveways
  • & More


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