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For Residential, Industrial, and Commercial floor systems, trust Atlas Concrete Coatings, the proven industry leaders! Atlas Concrete Coatings is one of the top floor coating installers in Pennsylvania. To see how the floor coatings appear on different floor surfaces, check out our video!  Contact us for a free estimate.

An investment in the right protective coating for your garage floor or commercial workspace equals long-term savings and reliable surface performance. Unlike epoxy floor coatings that can begin to chip, peel, and discolor, our concrete floor coating experts utilize the latest in professional-grade polyurea to fortify surfaces with consistency. An alternative to epoxy floor coating, polyurea is stronger, more flexible, and proven to outlast residential epoxy flooring options of the past. 

Floor Coating Specialists in PA

With every customized concrete floor coating we provide, expect detailed guidance and expert product comparisons. Even though all of our toughest garage flooring in NJ and PA is powered by the strength of polyurea, our various composites make it easy to customize your level of protection, traction, and personalized style. After a quick discussion with our experts, you’ll know exactly which variety is the best option for your needs.

Our Garage Flooring Coatings Are Extremely Durable & Are Easy To Clean

The difference in durability and surface longevity often comes down to the skill of application. Our trusted materials are designed to last for at least 10 years and much longer than standard epoxy. Our experienced garage floor installers can optimize your surface for a lasting result. Since our material dries quickly, finding a partner that understands various surface conditions and application criteria ensures proper application the first time. We guarantee a professional level of precision, and back every upgrade with trusted aftercare if you ever have an issue or need another worthwhile concrete upgrade elsewhere.

Alternative Epoxy Floor Coating is a Great Option for Residential & Commercial Flooring

Regardless of the final goals for your garage floors or commercial project in PA, our installers support every professional-grade coating with: 

  • Free and transparent project quotes
  • Experienced installation practices
  • Friendly support & punctual service times
  • Rapid improvement; our professional coatings are ready to use a day after the coating is applied!

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Exceptional Value for Decades of Durability

The Atlas difference means offering the highest-quality products and services in the industry for a lifetime of value. Prepared with our ultra-resilient garage floor blends, our floor coating installers can easily optimize commercial facilities, basements, garages, and other concrete surfaces that deserve a reliable and rugged shield. With versatile and extremely durable concrete floor coatings in Pennsylvania, our leading coatings have become the trusted solution for:
  • Heavy-Duty Vehicle & Equipment Storage: The incredible flexibility of our advanced floor coating solutions provides unrivaled surface stability, even when heavy and high-friction loads are applied. Thanks to polyurea’s innovative composition, it can adapt to variable loads without cracking or peeling as traditional epoxy flooring solutions do under extreme forces.
  • Customized Concrete Style: Choose between our multipurpose chip systems, glossy polyurea, and other custom garage flooring blends for a stylized look with added perks. Depending on your preferences and needs, we can connect you with unique styles that offer improved surface traction, flawless moisture defense, and high impact ratings.
  • Harsh Manufacturing Conditions: Our advanced polyurea blends remain consistent when facing cold, heat, UV radiation, and even caustic chemicals. If your facility demands a sturdy, smooth, and predictable surface to operate at peak capacity, count on our garage floor installers for guaranteed surface integrity that outlasts standard epoxy.
  • Lasting Aesthetic Value: Our coatings also retain its desirable finish for longer. Since it cures faster, withstands harsher conditions, and is completely UV resistant, the color and finish don’t fade, become cloudy, or look uneven like lower quality resins often do.
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Atlas did a great job on our garage floors. The previous owner installed epoxy and it failed. Anthony took the time to explain the process and how it was superior to the product previously used. He answered every question we had. The floors were done same day and we are very happy with the results. Even when we noticed an area where water had infiltrated during the cure period. Atlas came back and corrected the situation. We highly suggest their services.

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Our team of professional installers works hard for Philadelphia and surrounding areas, and we guarantee all our work.

Since 2010, Atlas Concrete Coatings has offered the most advanced technologies available on the market for floor coating systems. Designed for ultimate durability and style in residential, commercial, and industrial environments, our floor systems offer the best in form and function. We provide a vast selection of concrete floor coatings for a variety of applications.

If fewer issues, repair, and premature resurfacing expenses sound like worthwhile reasons to upgrade your garage flooring in Montgomery County, PA, you’ll be glad you chose our better-than-epoxy flooring company! Before your upgrade in Pennsylvania, we’ll gladly help you compare our popular solutions side-by-side, explain our simple installation processes, and connect you with an estimate!

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