Concrete Repairs

Revitalize Damaged Concrete & Avoid Replacement Expenses With Our Advanced Repair System

Cracks, broken sections, and unsightly surface patches are no match for our easy-to-apply concrete mending system! From the brilliant design team at Penntek, we use a product called CR mender to resolve deep impressions, extensive cracking, and other structural weakness in concrete. After application, your concrete surfaces will be smoother, resistant to future damage, and primed for a professional surface coating. 

Even if you think your concrete is beyond repair, get in touch with our pros at Atlas Concrete Coatings before investing in a costly replacement. We specialize in cracked concrete repair and can apply our adaptable concrete repair system in a single visit. After the affordable fix, ask about our multipurpose concrete coatings and fortify your repaired surfaces for years to come!

Repair System

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