Formcove System

Experience Lasting Protection From the Floor to the Walls With the Rapidly Curing Protection of Formcove

Similar to the multipurpose coatings we use to protect concrete flooring, our Formcove system flawlessly seals the vulnerable juncture where the flooring meets the walls. Especially beneficial if you own a garage, production facility, or workshop that frequently deals with harsh chemicals, abrasive liquids, or greasy materials that can damage nearby walls and support structures.

Since fluids and other grime tends to accumulate along the wall/floor juncture, our affordable barrier system provides more than just stain prevention and spill containment. Our Formcove system protects the structural integrity of your walls, minimizes future risks like mold formation, and provides a professional finish that any shop or garage owner will be proud to show off!

Easily installed and designed to last, the finished Formcove is a smooth and appealing bridge that blends in with other interior elements. Included with every affordable project, our proven protection comes with coordinated matching services, same-day installations, and the fastest cure times for reduced operational downtime. However expansive your project is, expect your new and improved edges to be fully sealed and ready to use the next day.

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Our Formcove Systems Are Custom Fit for a Better Seal

Unlike dated cove-base systems that rely on pre-fabricated designs and clunky adhesives, our Formcove system is mixed onsite and applied according to your precise floor plan. With this customized approach, our professionals significantly reduce the margin of installation error. The result? Our completed finishes look better, last longer, and are guaranteed to keep spills and messes away from your sensitive structures.

Built-to-last Formcove Systems

Awarded the expert’s choice for “Most Innovative Products” by World of Concrete, our built-to-last Formcove systems include: 
  • More Options: Choose from any of our popular metallic, chip, or classic polyurea blends for a final design that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and protective needs. 
  • Perfect Installation: Since we mix and spread our blends on-site, you can expect an installation that looks like it was built into the original floor plan. We are detail-oriented experts who care about straight lines, smooth application, and respect for your property. 
  • Leading Warranty Coverage: Regardless of the beautiful style you choose, our trusted systems are backed by lifetime service and 15-year product warranties. If there is ever a problem with your coating, count on our reputable team to resolve the issue in less time. 
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