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Professional Floor Coating Installers in Levittown, PA

Did you know that polyurea floor coatings can last at least 3x longer than the strongest epoxy flooring options on the market? Along with polyurea’s longer-lasting barrier of protection, our innovative floor coating alternatives feature a wealth of additional benefits. With a spectrum of color options, various traction-boosting blends, and guaranteed surface stability even when facing high heat, chemicals, and harsh elemental conditions, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better coating option than polyurea.

Environmentally friendly and easily applied to any concrete surface, our flexible surface improvements extend far beyond the best garage floor updates in Bristol and Levittown, PA. Do you need a reliable floor coating to protect the concrete near your pool, patio, or basement? Our like-epoxy flooring company can apply our premier blends to any valuable concrete surface that you want to protect and optimize. 

We Provide Residential & Commercial Floor Coatings

When you need a flawless coating, trust in our expertise to complete the project correctly the first time. We have been providing professional residential and commercial epoxy flooring alternatives for over 10 years, and are verifiable masters of the trade. Our professional floor coating technicians can easily handle spacious commercial buildings, large workshops, and multiple-car garage floors in a matter of hours. Simply get in touch with our pros in Levittown or Bristol, PA to compare the best blends, receive a low-cost estimate, and allow our responsive team to complete your custom garage flooring with precision.

Why Choose Atlas Concrete Coatings?

  • Ready to use 24 hours after installationGet back to work and enjoy your improved surface performance sooner with our better alternatives
  • Safe for pets and children No VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions or dangerous byproducts are present during or after our residential epoxy flooring alternative installations
  • Great for indoor and outdoor spaces  – Polyurea is UV stable and does not discolor or become cloudy when exposed to humidity, sunlight, or heat
  • Designed to last for the life of your concrete surfaces Our trusted blends are backed by the longest service and product warranties in the business

Upgrade the Look of Your Floors With Epoxy Like Flooring

Whichever stylish like-epoxy flooring option you prefer, expect a breathtaking finish with every coating. Choose from bright metallic epoxy flooring alternatives, and an array of various chip options, and make the update your own since we can always accommodate other unique flooring requests you may have. Regardless of the custom style we install for you, we never leave a project until every square inch has been inspected for even, smooth, and complete coverage. 

We can even coat the edges with our innovative Formcove system to prevent liquids and other chemicals from seeping into every wall that meets the concrete flooring. Incredibly low cost, our Formcove system is a preferred upgrade for fast-paced work environments like automotive shops, production facilities, and even home garages when liquids like oil, washing chemicals, or food production ingredients are frequently used. 

Access Honest Advice & a Free Garage Flooring Estimate in Bristol, PA

As your all-in-one resource for all things epoxy floor coating, we’re happy to teach you more about the differences between our blends and the other options out there. More than perfecting your surfaces, we’re here to earn your trust with product education, courteous service, and professional upgrades that revolve around integrity and cautious property improvements. 

To learn more about our advanced garage flooring in Yardley, PA , Bristol, PA, or for the fastest garage flooring service in Levittown, contact our experts first and consider your surface protection needs to be covered.

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