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A superior floor coating for your garage, patio, or commercial surface translates into the property owner’s peace of mind. With defensive capabilities like scratch resistance, chemical protection, mildew prevention, and many other built-in benefits, our polyurea floor coatings provide a steadfast coat of armor for your concrete. Pair polyurea’s many protective characteristics with our wide selection of customizable styles and traction-friendly blends and you have a winning combination for your floors. 

If you have previously updated your concrete surfaces with epoxy flooring, you may be familiar with some of its added perks and downsides. While polyurea (our polyaspartic floor coating) does share many of the same protective properties as epoxy flooring, it features added flexibility, UV stability, durability, and overall longevity. Despite costing marginally more upfront, polyurea is the best alternative to consider if long-term protection, sustained aesthetic appeal, and a wider range of surface types need professional coverage.

Popular Floor Coating Options:

  • Epoxy floor coatings
  • Polyurethane floor coatings 
  • Polyaspartic floor coatings 
  • Acrylic floor coatings


Floor Coatings Are a Great Option for Residential & Commercial Use

Among the many note-worthy traits that have propelled polyurea to the top, our tougher-than-epoxy floor coating solutions in Willow Grove, PA have become the preferred option for: 

  • Faster Improvements: With polyurethane, acrylic, or epoxy floor coatings, multiple layers and prolonged cure times are required to establish adequate protection. Instead, choose polyurea because it can be applied in a thicker layer for a one-stop application that is 100% cured after 24 hours.
  • Commercial Epoxy Flooring Replacements: When business owners expect the best for their commercial flooring, they often make the switch from epoxy flooring to polyurea blends. Thanks to polyurea’s multipurpose flexibility and longevity, it can withstand heavier equipment, increased surface abrasion, and sustained heat without peeling, cracking, or changing color.
  • Stylish Residential Epoxy Floor Renovations: When considering cost-effective renovation ideas for your home garage, walkway, or pool deck, our versatile floor coatings equal money well spent. Since our value-adding floor coatings provide both luxury finishes and multi-step protection from the elements, UV sunlight, and every other form of surface damage, polyurea floor coatings belong in every forward-thinking home renovation project. 

Epoxy-Like Flooring Installation in Horsham, PA

When you need a flawless finish and guaranteed surface protection, our all-inclusive garage floor upgrades come with a range of perks to protect your investment. We care about quality results and stand behind every project with organized planning, inclusive client communication, and factual product information. 

Whether we are assisting with your revitalized garage flooring or updating your brand-new basement in Horsham, our qualified like-epoxy flooring company always provides: 

  • Free & informative estimates
  • Flexible service times in Horsham, Willow Grove, & the surrounding areas
  • Assistance with concrete repairs before application
  • Courteous, clean, & respectful team members 
  • Clear communication before, during, & after every project

Learn More About Our Long-Lasting Concrete Coatings in Willow Grove, PA

Our concrete coating professionals in Horsham and Willow Grove, PA are also supplied with the finest materials in the industry. Sourced directly from our leading US manufacturing partners, we only apply professional-grade polyurea blends that are trusted for commercial applications of the highest standards. Because of our guaranteed material integrity, we are proud to offer a 15-year manufacturer warranty on every like-epoxy flooring solution we install. Before your garage floor becomes stained, cracked, or scratched, allow our professionals to prevent every problem proactively. In addition to the numerous advantages mentioned above, our toughest garage flooring in Blue Bell, PA is also safe for kids and pets, and becomes even more cost-effective when you partner with our budget-friendly experts at Atlas Concrete Coatings!

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