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Upgrade Your Garage, Outdoor or Basement Flooring with Our Coatings

If maintenance-free, easy-to-clean, and ultra-durable garage flooring sounds too good to be true, then take a few minutes to learn about our advanced polyurea coatings! Up to 20x stronger than your average epoxy flooring, our like-epoxy floor coatings produce a stunning sheen and reliable barrier without the risks of cracking, peeling, bubbling, and discoloration that commonly occurs with epoxy and other rigid resins.

With our toughest polyurea blends in Chalfont and Doylestown, PA added UV, chemical, heat, and scratch-resistant properties further complement its unrivaled strength. Even when exposed to harsh abrasion, vehicle fluids, and prolonged equipment heat, expect the multipurpose benefits of polyurea to remain unaffected. This added toughness is partially due to the built-in flexibility that allows our epoxy flooring alternative to moving with the cement and forces applied. Rather than cracking as rigid coatings do, polyurea adapts to the force, leaving its nonporous and impact-resistant barrier of protection unbroken.

Install Epoxy Like Flooring in Your Garage or Basement in Chalfont

Our epoxy flooring alternatives in Chalfont and Doylestown, PA are among the easiest solutions to incorporate into your home or business. With a rapid 24-hour cure time, we can install a breathtaking pool deck, garage floor, or custom commercial upgrade in a matter of hours. With beneficial additions like personalized color schemes and varying degrees of surface traction, accessing a property-specific improvement is simplified with our pros at Atlas Concrete Coatings.

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Why Choose Atlas Concrete Coatings?

Similar to the smooth and glossy sheen that’s achieved with a professional epoxy flooring installation, our alternative epoxy floor coating improves upon those protective benefits. Some of the noticeable advantages that come with our like-epoxy floor coating upgrades in Doylestown & Chalfont area include:

  • Amazing scratch resistance
  • Better moisture & chemical protection
  • Improved surface traction
  • Incredible durability & flexibility
  • Faster installation and curing times
  • & More

Polyurea Flooring is Slip-Resistant & Durable

If lasting concrete protection and ease of maintenance are your focus, our budget-friendly epoxy floor coating alternative paired with our Formcove system provides double-pronged protection for your concrete and the nearby walls. Add in affordable vinyl chips and take the reliable coating outside to the patio and walkways, or surround the pool deck for other benefits like mildew, premature cracking, and surface stain prevention. 

If you need a safer workspace that can handle dropped tools, and intense heat and that prevents slips even when wet, our multipurpose coating blends are the leading concrete coating choice. 

Whichever personalized blend you choose, expect to avoid premature resurfacing and concrete care costs. Our professional-grade coatings are also backed by the best service and product warranties in the industry. If you ever have an issue with the coating following our streamlined installations, you can count on our responsive Doylestown, PA team to provide a prompt resolution.

All of our epoxy-like flooring company’s blends feature similar strength and barrier benefits. We can further enhance your garage flooring, pool deck, or commercial floor coating in New Hope, PA with:

During our informative consultations, our experienced team will outline the pros and cons of each option for a confident upgrade that outlasts every epoxy flooring option on the market.

With our designed-to-last epoxy flooring alternative installed the first time, you save money, reduce maintenance concerns, and get more out of every concrete surface your home or business relies on. For a free estimate or more information about our proven solutions, let us know what we can do to help!

For a boost in workplace or garage flooring safety, consider our modern chip varieties for the perfect mix of added aesthetic style and sturdy foot traction. Our chip blends also add to the overall strength and are an ideal solution for businesses that frequently deal with liquids, loading equipment, vehicles, and caustic chemicals.

If your facility or garage could benefit from optimal light reflection, moisture protection, and smoother surface stability, our customized garage floor coatings come in a range of interesting metallic finishes that look amazing.

Floor Coating in Chalfont, PA

Transform Your Pool Decking with Superior Concrete Coatings in Doylestown, PA

In Doylestown, PA, many homeowners and business establishments are recognizing the significance of high-quality concrete coatings, especially when it comes to their pool decking. A pool area is not just about the water; the deck surrounding it plays a pivotal role in creating the entire ambiance and ensuring safety. Our advanced coatings, designed especially for pool decks, offer a balance of aesthetics and durability, ensuring your outdoor oasis remains inviting and withstands the test of time. With the unpredictable weather in Doylestown, investing in a premium concrete coating for your pool deck can prevent premature wear, reduce maintenance, and elevate the overall look of your pool area.

Furthermore, the choice of decking material on your pool deck is paramount. Not only does it need to be resilient against constant water exposure, but it should also offer slip resistance for safety. Our concrete coatings are engineered with these requirements in mind, providing Doylestown residents with a pool deck surface that’s both functional and stylish. So, if you’re considering a revamp of your pool area or planning a new one, don’t overlook the importance of a quality deck coating, because it’s the foundation of every memorable pool day.

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