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With our Ardmore team on the update, your customized garage flooring and commercial concrete remain uncracked, unstained, and undamaged for longer. Trusted by professional facilities and home improvement experts alike, our advanced like-epoxy flooring solutions add multiple tiers of defense to every surface we coat. With proven polyurea floor coating advantages like deeper adhesion, reduced installation times, and a greater range of customizable styles, our goal is to add lasting beauty and strength to every floor we improve. 

Residential & Commercial Concrete Coatings in Wynnewood, PA

While researching the pros and cons of polyurea, one of the key factors between flooring success and avoidable failure involves the quality of installation. If applied incorrectly or the wrong type of coating is selected, polyurea can have issues like poor adhesion, bubbling, or a shortened lifespan. 

To prevent any potential issues, we exclusively source our leading blends from Penntek and support every update with over 10 years of installation expertise. 

Why Choose Atlas Concrete Coatings?

Our organized team backs every custom garage flooring project in Ardmore, PA, and Wynnewood, PA with:

  • Immersive & ongoing training at Atlas 
  • Professional-grade installation equipment
  • A broader range of experience with more surface types
  • Better materials that are proven to outlast epoxy floor coatings

We Install Polyurea Flooring; a Better Alternative to Epoxy Flooring

Unlike other coatings that create a thin, flimsy, or brittle barrier along the surface, our thick coatings penetrate the pores and form a cohesive bond with the concrete. With this seamless, flexible, and fully-embedded application, the protective and stylish benefits last for longer.

As long as you plan on utilizing your commercial property or garage flooring in Haverford, Ardmore, or Wynnewood, PA for more than a few years, our epoxy floor alternatives are the more cost-effective choice. With average polyurea coatings lasting 10-15 years or longer, you can expect to enjoy these tangible property benefits for the life of your update:

Forget resurfacing epoxy flooring or repairing your concrete every 2-3 years. Even if you’re starting with damaged concrete, our sturdy repairs and ultra-resilient coatings are one-and-done solutions that are backed by our leading product warranties. 

Polyurea coatings are easy to clean and require no complicated upkeep. Simply wash with ½ cup ammonia and a gallon of warm water to remove any dirt or residue that has accumulated for brilliant surfaces that always look like new.

Our stunning reflective blends significantly enhance ambient brightness, naturally reducing energy expenses and boosting the safety of your workplace or garage.

After finding your favorite finish, expect it to look that way for the life of your update! Our reliable blends have true staying power, and will not discolor, fade, or peel even when exposed to heat, chemicals, or the unpredictable climate in Ardmore or Wynnewood, PA. 

Contact Our Like-Epoxy Flooring Company for Detailed Comparisons Today

Preparing you to make an informed and confident decision starts with the factual information you receive at Atlas Concrete Coatings. Floor coating is all that we do, and protecting your investment with dependable coatings that perform better than expected is our promise to you. 

Available for casual garage flooring treatments and expansive commercial epoxy flooring updates of any size, we never back down from a coating challenge. Even if you only have a day or two to complete the update, our flexible scheduling and rapid cure times make it easy to achieve the breathtaking and protected finish you need. 

Concrete coatings in Wynnewood, PA

For a free estimate and the best service in Ardmore or Wynnewood, PA, get in touch with our helpful crew and discover the many ways we can improve your property for less.

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