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Floor Coating is Great for Garages, Basements, Pool Decks, & More

Adding lasting value to your home or business starts with an improvement as simple as a floor coating. Our beautiful selection of epoxy flooring alternatives features an array of trending styles, leading defensive properties, and a variety of customizable options to make our luxury coatings your own. With our like-epoxy flooring company, you also have access to single-day upgrades, low-cost concrete repairs, and comprehensive care for a newly protected property ready for impacts, spills, and more in only 24 hours. 

Did you know that polyurea floor coatings are used in professional industries like civil engineering, chemical production, and food development to protect the integrity of their structures and operations? Even if you only need your garage flooring protected, we’re dedicated to that same quality of professional-grade fortification that industries worldwide rely on. Whether you’re after high-gloss flooring for a brighter home garage, or you need a grippier chip blend that can handle the harshest of workshop conditions, our built-to-last flooring solutions are designed to exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Atlas Concrete Coatings?

  • No-Obligation Estimates
  • Helpful Product Comparisons
  • One-Day Service for Most Projects
  • Safe & Environmentally-Friendly Installations
  • Friendly Technicians & Respect for Your Property


Epoxy-Like Flooring Solutions in Main Line, PA

When you need a seamless, smooth, and affordable epoxy flooring company to protect your investment, trust in our organized and well-equipped team for project consistency. Starting with our premier products, our reliable polyurea floor coatings are exclusively sourced from our award-winning partners at Penntek. Industrial coatings are our sole focus, and we have been applying personalized upgrades across residential and commercial projects for over 10 years.

>By upgrading your garage floor, patio, walkway, or commercial flooring with our cost-effective polyurea blends, your property in Main Line, PA gains:

Our fast-curing blends prevent issues with discoloration, clouding, and fading that can occur during the prolonged curing times of epoxy floor coating options. Choose any of our unique styles for your flooring and expect the rich colors and illuminating sheen to last for the life of your enriched space. 

Our most robust polyurea coatings are up to 20x stronger than epoxy resins of the past. This strength equals superior scratch, impact, and chemical resistance for an upgrade that is virtually maintenance-free and costs less in the long run.

With our thick and reliable coatings in place, moisture, mildew, UV damage, and other elemental forces are no longer a risk to your expensive surfaces underneath. Our professional-grade epoxy flooring alternatives are also not affected by heat or cold, making them the best option for outdoor areas like your pool deck, patio, and walkways.

We Strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction on Every Job

Before, during, and after every residential epoxy flooring replacement or commercial upgrade, concise product education defines our service model. With every estimate, we’ll gladly help you explore options that have better traction, brighter gloss, and higher strength ratings. Whichever option we decide is best for your garage flooring in Malvern, PA, expect our skilled and minimally-disruptive installations to enhance the form and function for years to come. 

For better garage flooring in Haverford, PA, a safer pool deck in Main Line, PA, or a lower-cost investment in the integrity of your company’s workspaces, get in touch with our experts at Atlas and experience our dedication to quality service from the start to finish.

Epoxy flooring in Main Line, PA
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