Floor Coatings in Warminster, PA

Floor Coating is Great for Garages, Basements, Pool Decks, & More

The most reliable floor coatings in the world aren’t exclusive to high-end commercial projects. Any interior or exterior concrete surface can benefit from moisture, impact, and chemical protection! Dedicated to protecting our clients’ surfaces with the best there is, our Warminster floor coating pros proudly offer the latest lineup of polyurea floor coatings. 

Are You Looking to Install Epoxy Flooring in Your Garage or Basement? Consider Polyurea Flooring

Even if none of the above commercial considerations apply to your improvement project, there are many benefits associated with our epoxy flooring alternatives for garage flooring in Willow Grove, PA. With extended warranties on our reliable blends, our epoxy flooring alternatives can be used to create a metallic garage flooring style or enhance the curbside appeal of your walkways and patios. 

Since our polyurea coatings are available in an array of colors and chip varieties, every upgrade at Atlas is tailored to you.

Why Choose Our Affordable Upgrades?

  • Reduce concrete maintenance & repair expenses
  • Introduce luxurious style
  • Reduce the frequency of resurfacing 
  • Are simple to clean & care for
  • Improve traction and surface stability 
  • Protect your home or business from mildew, discoloration, & more…


Concrete Coating Expert in Ivyland, PA

To make the most of every update, our custom garage flooring, pool deck, and commercial surface improvements begin with careful consideration for your precise surface needs. If you need a safer surface to optimize foot traction or reduce workplace injury, our trusted polyurea chip blends introduce stability into the foundation of your operations. Not only do our grip blends enhance foot safety, but our workplace upgrades also brighten areas by up to 300% while simultaneously preventing spills and impacts from creating unsafe workplace hazards. 

With virtually limitless application options, our epoxy floor coating alternative is a great option to consider if you frequently deal with: 

  • Liquids & chemicals: Consider our Formcover edge upgrades for concrete coatings that also protect your nearby walls. Our proven barrier systems prevent liquids and debris from affecting the nearby drywall, safely containing hazardous materials like oil, coolants, and cleaning chemicals within the desired areas. 
  • High-heat applications: Heavy-duty tires, production equipment, and intense friction can quickly degrade concrete surfaces if unprotected. Unlike inferior coatings that fail under extreme temperatures, our commercial epoxy flooring alternatives are rated to withstand stable heat at 266°F and short-term exposure of 430°F without faltering. 
  • Slippery workplace conditions: We offer several variations that are designed with optimized traction in mind. Even when wet, our sturdy coatings are safe to walk on while preventing that same moisture from penetrating the barrier. Why not increase walking safety and prevent mildew accumulation at the same time? 

Compare Our Best Garage Floor Options Today

With a quick and no-obligation consultation in Ivyland or Warminster, we’ll clearly outline the pros and cons for a confident surface improvement that’s right for you. Even if you have an older coating installed or need a concrete repair before we begin, our specialists never back down from an all-inclusive concrete coating challenge.

Our concrete coating company has become the preferred choice for homeowners in search of a garage floor, patio, or driveway addition that is:

  • A better garage floor option to resist pet paws & equipment scratches
  • A cost-effective solution for illuminating dark basements & garages
  • A better option to protect against pool chemicals and the elements
  • A tougher solution that improves property value
Garage flooring in Warminster, PA

For more information about our popular blends or to access a low-cost estimate for your project, contact our experienced teams in Warminster or Ivyland for honest guidance today. 

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