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Floor Coating is Great for Garages, Basements, Pool Decks, & More

A single spill or surface impact can cause permanent concrete staining, premature cracking, and other avoidable surface expenses. So, what can you do to avoid these issues? Enhance your at-risk concrete surfaces in Malvern with our incredibly tough and stylish floor coatings! Utilizing the multipurpose versatility of polyurea, our products provide that desirable epoxy flooring sheen plus a wealth of protective and aesthetic benefits.

Despite the toughness of concrete, it is still prone to moisture, mildew formation, and structural weakness caused by impacts, caustic chemicals, and freezing/thawing cycles. Because of concrete’s porous and rigid molecular structure, defending this surface type requires a solution that addresses multiple factors simultaneously.

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Polyurea Flooring is Known for its Durability & Attractive Appearance

Tasked with the responsibility of impact, abrasion, chemical, and moisture protection, our pros at Atlas in Malvern are committed to epoxy flooring alternatives that address these protective essentials. Trusted as a viable replacement for aging commercial epoxy flooring and residential epoxy flooring alike, our industry-defining floor coatings in Malvern are:

Use our better-than-epoxy floor coating for walkways, the pool deck, and any other indoor or outdoor surface that could benefit from 10+ years of proven surface defense. Our products are also UV stable and maintain their durability, color, and gloss for the life of the coating. 

Our rapidly-curing epoxy flooring alternatives are the best option for niche areas like storage rooms, workshops, basements, and commercial kitchens. With one-day installations and 24-hour cure times, our professional coatings naturally reduce business and home improvement installation times.

Anyone who has used epoxy flooring will tell you that they needed a replacement every 2-5 years. Our rugged blends last at least 3x longer, reducing resurfacing costs while simultaneously minimizing your overall concrete repair and maintenance costs for the life of your upgrade.

Our eco-friendly coatings release no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions during or after installation. Also, our best blends come with traction-boosting finishes for enhanced walking safety, even when the flooring is wet.

When you get in touch with our like-epoxy flooring company, your project becomes our priority. We strive to be helpful, transparent, and communicative from start to finish. We also do our best to provide service that is both convenient and accessible; we offer all-inclusive service in a range of locations and will go above and beyond to improve your property as soon as possible!

Epoxy-Like Garage & Basement Flooring in Malvern, PA

From your fortified walkways in Malvern to your stylized garage flooring in Ardmore, PA, our detail-oriented specialists take the guesswork out of every improvement. 

Is your damaged garage floor unsightly and slippery? Our responsive garage flooring experts can repair, coat, and have your new garage floor ready to use in 24 hours. 

Has your facility experienced a rise in slip and fall incidents? Our perfectly grippy blends are among the most balanced solutions for introducing safety and functional surface performance into the fundamentals of your operations. 

However our Malvern garage floor team can help you establish a better baseline for your garage floor, pool deck, or basement, our information is free and our rates are better. We have direct access to wholesale pricing on all of our products, allowing our well-prepared technicians in Malvern to provide: 


  • Verified Product Quality
  • Lower-Cost Improvements
  • Coatings for Any Sized Project
  • More Options to Suit Your Preferences

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Garage flooring in Malvern, PA

Interested in learning more about the multifaceted benefits associated with our custom garage flooring solutions? For your commercial space, ask about our Formcove system and vinyl chip blends. For your revitalized garage flooring at home, ask about our stunning metallic and single-color finishes for the perfect combination of beauty and performance. 

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