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The most common causes of premature concrete deterioration are impact forces, moisture invasion, freezing/thawing, and exposure to damaging chemicals. Areas like your garage flooring, pool deck, or driveway that experience constant and extreme use are often the first areas to require repair and replacement. 

To minimize all of these damaging and expensive issues, floor coatings emerged on the property protection scene. Initially introduced in 1936, epoxy resin became the most popular floor coating as it boasted an array of beneficial characteristics like moisture, abrasion, and impact resistance. But, while epoxy flooring does offer a variety of protective upsides, epoxy floor coatings also experience issues with cure times, durability, clarity, and limited cost/value in long-term applications. 

To overcome these common limitations, our better residential like-epoxy flooring in Warminster, PA, utilizes the power of polyurea because it is stronger, longer lasting, and the ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor coating needs.

Professional Flooring Contractor in Lansdale, PA

When you partner with our better-than-epoxy flooring company, expect precision application and a greater variety of protective coating options. We specialize in customized care, and proudly offer upgraded options for enhanced surface traction, protection, and an array of creative styles if you’re after an individualized property theme.

Why Polyurea is the Better Alternative to Epoxy Flooring

What are some typical issues with epoxy flooring, and why is polyurea garage flooring the better option for your property in Montgomeryville, PA?

Depending on the resin used, epoxy flooring can take days to cure. During this timeframe, if the garage floor resin is exposed to UV rays, humidity, dirt, oil, or agitation, the result can be a dull and uneven sheen or a weakened surface barrier that is prone to premature cracking and peeling. Instead, polyurea is the better option for garage floors because it cures rapidly. It is ready and safe to use in 24 hours or less.

Epoxy resin is less flexible and is more likely to crack or peel. When heavy forces and frequent surface impacts are involved, you want a coating that can move with those forces. Polyurea does just that, providing a stable surface that can withstand frequent use without breaking.

We use polyurea, which boasts broader resistance to heat, abrasion, and chemical exposure. Quite simply, epoxy resins protect surfaces from many things, but our polyurea in Montgomeryville, PA protects your concrete from those same forces and more. Polyurea becomes an even more worthwhile investment if you need a stronger commercial epoxy flooring alternative to protect from caustic chemicals, high-heat production, and heavy-duty surface forces.

Your average epoxy flooring coating will only last around 2-5 years. Instead, choose polyurea and protect your concrete for 10-15 years or longer when applied by our professionals. We stand behind our designed-to-last products and offer lifetime product warranties on our toughest polyurea blends installed in Montgomeryville and Lansdale, PA.

Improve the Aesthetics of Your Garage With Epoxy-Like Flooring

Depending on your protection needs, budget, and overall aesthetic desires, there are many directions we can go with your custom garage flooring in Lansdale. During our informative consultations, you’ll learn all about our most popular options ranging from budget-friendly garage floor styles to the toughest blends for the harshest of commercial needs.

For a beautiful preview of the many breathtaking finishes, we can install at your property in Lansdale or Montgomeryville, PA, take a look at our sample video to see the stunning sheen for yourself. Whether you go with a classic clear or an ultra-grippy chip blend, you can expect your professional finish to last longer, protect better, and retain that stylish finish for a lifetime.

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