Floor Coatings in King of Prussia, PA

Floor Coating is Great for Garages, Basements, & More

Often underappreciated and taken for granted until an expensive issue arises, our flooring deserves to be protected. As the foundation of productive work days and important garage projects alike, investing in a floor coating for your property is an investment in your budget and quality of life. But, not all floor coatings are created equal, and the type of garage floor coating you choose can either become a wasteful expense or a beneficial solution that simplifies your life. 

At Atlas Concrete Coatings in King of Prussia, we’re in the business of simplifying your life. To strengthen, support, and establish a safer surface for equipment, foot traction, and workplace visibility, we utilize a variety of advanced polyurea coatings to elevate your flooring in many ways. Similar to the brightening sheen and defensive properties that come with residential epoxy flooring, we use a better alternative that is appropriate for commercial epoxy flooring replacements and affordable home updates alike.

Choose Atlas Concrete Coatings For:

  • Patios & Pool Decks
  • Garage Flooring & Walkways
  • Commercial Facilities & Warehouses
  • Dog Kennels & Wash Rooms
  • Workshops & Storage Rooms
  • & Many Other Residential & Commercial Spaces


We Install Top Quality & Durable Floor Coatings

So, how do our premium floor coatings in Norristown and King of Prussia, PA outperform other coatings like epoxy resins and paint sealants? With outdated floor coatings, the brittle layers are prone to cracking, peeling, and discoloration. Other epoxy blends also take much longer to cure and require multiple applications to complete the project. During this prolonged curing timeframe, humidity, dirt, and accidental surface use can damage the integrity of the coating. 

To overcome these fundamental weaknesses, our custom garage flooring solutions feature improved strength, faster cure times, and more flexible polyurea blends. Our proven materials last approximately 3x longer than epoxy flooring, are applied as a thick, one-time installation, and continue to outshine epoxy flooring with these invaluable benefits: 

Our epoxy floor coating alternative will not change color, fade, or weaken when exposed to sunlight or moisture. Our durable coatings are also safe to use in any climate. 

Thanks to the faster curing times and incredible weather resistance of our enhanced garage floor solutions, we can coat more spaces in less time. Our adaptable installations make it easier to protect surfaces like pool decks, garages, and commercial areas when you don’t have multiple days to wait for your protective coating to set.

Our coating professionals in Norristown and King of Prussia, PA stand behind every installation with incredible warranty packages. With many of our best blends, you gain lifetime warranties on service and 15-year product warranties with every sturdy upgrade we supply

Floor Coating is Great for Garages, Basements, & More

When you need a guaranteed solution to prevent mildew formation, concrete staining, and future flooring expenses, look no further than our trusted selection of custom styles for your garage flooring in Main Line, PA.

For improved traction and a modernized appeal, ask about our beautiful chip blends. Our sturdy vinyl chip infusions replicate the stylish appearance of granite while introducing added properties of impact resistance and grippy surface traction for an upgrade that looks as great as it performs. For brighter lighting and a customizable style that coordinates with your interiors, ask about our popular metallic finishes. We can connect you with an amazing selection of high-gloss options, adjust the color to your preferences, and personalize the finish to suit your desired foot feel. 

Garage flooring in King of Prussia, PA

Excited to learn more about the many ways our like-epoxy flooring company can optimize your property with our superior concrete coatings? Every informative service includes a free estimate, factual product comparisons, and the friendliest guidance in Norristown and King of Prussia. 

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