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Searching for a better concrete coating that can outshine and outlast the average epoxy floor coating? Consider the power of polyurea to provide a longer-lasting, ultra-reliable alternative to industrial epoxy flooring! Great for pool decks, warehouse flooring, basements, and garage floor coatings alike, our proven solutions are among the toughest and most versatile coatings on the market.

Whether you’re hoping to modernize your home garage or improve workplace performance with our commercial epoxy floor coating alternative, our advanced blends are guaranteed to extend the life of your surfaces and shield your property from a variety of destructive forces.

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Alternative Commercial & Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Montgomery County, PA

At first glance, our stronger and longer-lasting garage floor coatings look a lot like traditional epoxy floor coatings. Despite their glossy similarities and some shared protective properties, your average residential epoxy flooring or commercial epoxy floor coating typically lasts 2-5 years before it begins to peel, crack, or discolor. Instead of dealing with premature basement resurfacing and avoidable garage damage every few years, our glossy, chip-infused epoxy floor coating alternatives can easily last 10-15 years or longer thanks to a variety of resilient surface characteristics.

When you fortify your concrete surfaces with our polyurea floor coating in Bucks County, PA, or Montgomery County, PA, you can expect:

    • Improved Strength: Our leading polyurea blends are approximately 4x stronger and 98% more flexible than the average industrial epoxy flooring.
    • Reduced Downtime: After application, our rugged lineup of commercial epoxy floor coatings cure and are ready to use 24 hours later.
    • Professional Aesthetics: Our superior floor coatings are resistant to scratching, moisture, oil, UV damage, and more for a beautiful finish that maintains its professional look for the life of your concrete coating.
    • Customized Blends Add Even More Value: Ask about our clear, chip, and metallic epoxy-like floor coating alternatives for a breathtaking upgrade that infuses other beneficial features into every coating.

If you need a coating that can improve traction and support heavy-duty equipment, our strongest warehouse floor coatings will exceed your expectations. If you need a stylish and clear coat for your basement floor resurfacing or to replace your dated garage floor epoxy, Atlas Concrete Coatings is ready to help. Our like-epoxy flooring company can elevate the utility, style, and certified durability of your concrete surfaces. Contact our pros first and experience quality results that will speak for themselves.

Need better garage flooring in Willow Grove, PA, or another area near Montgomery County, PA? Get in touch with our better-than-epoxy flooring company for a free estimate and reliable service in several other convenient locations today. 

With that exceptional strength and ease of application, our adaptable flooring contractors in Montgomery County, PA, are here to simplify concrete improvements. If you’ve recently had concrete installed in your new basement or garage renovation, our multipurpose garage floor epoxy alternatives offer an affordable way to preserve the value of your surfaces. Due to the chemical, moisture, and UV-resistant properties of our optimized coatings, our garage floor coating also serves as an excellent alternative for pool deck resurfacing and other outdoor areas that are frequently exposed to the elements, salt, and other chemicals.

Along with the expansive range of concrete surfaces we can coat, our flooring contractors are the excellence behind longer-lasting warehouse floor coating, basement floor resurfacing, and the most reliable pool decking in Montgomery County, PA. Our methods, like those utilized to install epoxy floor coating, are often the main determining factor in surface longevity. We take every precaution to guarantee a flawless installation.

To provide the most resilient pool deck resurfacing, warehouse floor coating, and garage flooring in Royersford, PA, our skilled team prevents installation issues with:

  • Informative education & product comparisons
  • Advanced epoxy floor coating equipment
  • The best technician training in the industry
  • Experience with more surface types
  • Meticulous project planning & client collaboration

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