Extend The Life of Your Coated Garage Floor: Tips for Long-Term Satisfaction

Extend The Life of Your Coated Garage Floor: Tips for Long-Term Satisfaction

Properly cleaning and maintaining the coating on your garage floor helps extend the floor’s life and provides long-term satisfaction. Whether you have set up your garage as a home gym, workspace, play area for the family, or to use for storage, sealing the garage floor with a coating can help extend its life while turning a drab space into a vibrant extension of your home to spend time in. We have compiled some tips to help clean and maintain garage floor coatings in Montgomery County, PA.

How to Extend the Life of Your Coated Garage Floor

Adding a coating to your garage floor protects the concrete from grease, stains, moisture, and other damage. However, it is just as essential to preserve the layer on the floor to extend the life of your coated garage floor. We recommend you follow these steps to help keep your coated garage floor looking new and long-lasting:

  • Keep the flooring clean with routine cleaning and maintenance
  • Use safe cleaning products
  • Repair damage immediately
  • Use mats to protect flooring from damage from heavy equipment, such as workout equipment or woodworking tools
  • Install walk-off mats at the entry to protect from water, snow, ice, and dirt

Cleaning Tips for Coated Garage Floors

Routinely dust your coated garage floor using a large microfiber dust mop. A weekly dusting of the floor keeps it dirt and debris-free, and the removable microfiber dust mop head allows you to toss it in the washing machine so it is refreshed and ready to dust the floor next week. If you do not want the hassle of dealing with a washable mop head, you can also use a soft bristle broom to sweep debris and dirt out of the garage.

Every few months, it is recommended to mop your coated garage floors using a gentle cleanser and microfiber mop. Routine mopping helps keep the garage floors looking new.

When stains appear, remove them promptly to prevent unwanted discoloration and unsightly spots on the floor.

Safe Cleaning Products for Coated Garage Floors

Not all products work on cleaning and protecting your coated garage floors, and some harsh chemicals could cause significant damage, requiring costly repairs. When using most cleaning products, you need to dilute the solution with warm water according to the product’s label instructions. We have created a list of coated garage floor-friendly chemicals you can use when cleaning your garage floor:

  • Simple Green
  • Ammonia
  • Windex

Cleaning Products to Avoid when Cleaning Coated Garage Floors

As mentioned above, not all chemicals are safe on coated garage floors. These chemicals can cause a breakdown in the makeup of the coating and cause it to appear faded and worn. Additionally, you should not use stiff bristles or scouring pads on the flooring because they can cause scratches, which could start to chip.

Cleaning products to avoid when cleaning your coated garage floors include the following:

  • Citrus floor and multipurpose cleaner
  • Bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Household soap

If you have installed a coating over your garage floor, it is vital to keep it looking new by keeping up with routine maintenance. Keeping your coated garage floor looking new can provide a refreshing space to spend time doing whatever you have designed the area to be. If you need assistance with maintenance, repair, or installing floor coating in Bucks County, PA, call Atlas One Day Floors. We can help with all your coated garage floor needs, including showing you how to maintain and clean your floors properly. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our floor coating experts.

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