Install A Patio Coating For An Elevated Patio Experience

Install A Patio Coating For An Elevated Patio Experience

We install a floor coating on patios to give them added layers of protection in areas of heavy use. 

Patio floor coating is made to augment visual appeal and protect it against potential harm created by constant usage. We carry a line of floor coatings that are professionally advanced to elevate concrete surfaces. We provide floor coverings for pool decks, customized garage floors, warehouse floors, and production buildings. The polyurea coating we apply is not only tough and stylish, it is the best safeguarding tool. When we apply our coating to your patio floor it is protected against scratches, heat, impact, and chemical exposure.

How Long Will a Coating Last? 

The answer to how long a floor coating lasts depends on several factors. One important one is the type of floor coating. Another is how many people will be walking on the deck or floor. Whether vehicles will drive on it or if there is a chance of impact from dropping items onto it. Typically, an epoxy floor covering has a lifespan of about two to ten years, depending also on how well it is maintained. 

The biggest benefit to installing a coating on your patio or deck is durability. Concrete that has our coating installed can handle a lot more footfall and other damages. 

Does Your Pool Deck Need a Face Lift? 

Pool decks made of concrete often lose their luster after a few years of wear and tear. Rather than tearing out the old one and having a new one installed, why not have it resurfaced? Having it resurfaced will not only repair any damages but can also give it a more modern appearance. When you need a pool deck resurfacing in Montgomery County, PA, call Atlas Concrete. 

Contact Us About Installing a Patio Coating for Your Elevated Patio

If you are interested in discovering how a patio floor coating can elevate your patio experience call Atlas. We provide floor coating in Bucks County, PA for long-lasting protection. Contact us for a free estimate by calling us at 888-828-5278 or email to We look forward to serving you!

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