The Benefits Of A Coated Pool Deck

The Benefits Of A Coated Pool Deck

When you have a pool and you’d like to lounge or sit nearby, you’ll want to have a quality pool deck. If this pool deck is made from concrete, an epoxy-like coating will protect its surface for years to come. What are some of the top reasons to have a pool deck put in? Here are just a few of them.

Low Maintenance 

Most pool deck materials, such as concrete, don’t require a great deal of maintenance. This is especially the case when you have a professional install a deck coating that protects it from the pool chemicals, weather, and wear-and-tear that come from scraping chairs and otherwise using your deck regularly.

Increased Safety

The main benefit of having a pool deck is that it increases your levels of safety. The slip-resistant surface will help make it possible to avoid slips and falls. It also makes your pool area more visible and helps reduce your risk of developing sunburn since you’ll have a shady spot around your pool.


Depending on what type of materials you use for your deck, it can be an affordable alternative to change up the outdoor space of your home. Concrete is affordable and you can maintain this to avoid repairs or reapplication for longer by getting an epoxy-like floor coating over it.

Enhanced Aesthetics

A pool deck in Doylestown, PA improves your outdoor aesthetics. It adds color and texture to the space and a more attractive pool area. This also helps you have an easier time putting together a spot for seating and can serve as an excellent space for outdoor living during the warmer months.

Increase Your Home’s Value

A pool deck is likely to increase your property’s value. It improves the look of your outdoor space and it can be an instant attraction for potential buyers. Why not have a comfortable seating area built to enjoy while you’re living in your home and increase your asking price when you decide to sell the property?

If you have a pool deck or plan on installing one, consider how to maintain it in the long run with a pool decking coating in Montgomery County, PA. Contact Atlas One Day Floors and we’ll see how we can help you get the pool deck floor coating of your dreams.

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